Terms and Conditions

Membership Eligibility

Membership eligibility is extended to everyone who ages above 18 years depending upon their area of our accessibility. For being a member of this platform, you need to sign up with your genuine details.

Your Account and Registration Obligations

When you are signing up to use this platform, you are solely responsible to keep you credentials private to you. If it gets misused by someone else then the platform is not responsible to safeguard it. Any activity happening under your user name after logging in is your responsibility to take care about. 

By signing up you are agreeing that if any information provided by you is incorrect or is suspected by us to not be genuine, we are free to suspend your account temporarily or even permanently based on the data which is wrongly depicted.

You need to ensure that you have entered the correct e-mail ID and mobile number on the website and it is updated immediately if it is changed for you so that in case of any password recovery and other requirements, you can navigate through it reliably and efficiently. You agree that BIONOMIX SOLUTIONS PL is not responsible for any activity consequences of use or misuse of any information that occurs under your login to our website.


With signing-in, you are agreeing that we can revert to the same mail and contact number and you are sharing your contact details with us for any further communication from our side.


There is no charge involved in taking membership, signing-up, browsing, or going through our website. The fee policy of BIONOMIX SOLUTIONS PL will keep changing over the period as well as it reserves all the right to make changes in its policy from time to time. However, any changes in fee policy will be published on the website for customer’s and member’s knowledge.


By signing-in you are agreeing that you will not misuse, copy, modify, distribute, reverse engineer, display for your own advertisement, license, sell or publish the product bought from this platform without the consent of the website. If you want any of the above, you need to get a copyright certificate from BIONOMIX SOLUTIONS PL to do so. Neither you are allowed to do wholesale distribution of the product without getting the copyright certificate done. Any suspect of these activities without proper permission will lead to the suspension of membership and further legal action involved.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Warranty or guarantee will defer from product to product and will be mentioned below each product description. Any complaint from a customer will only be overtaken under the warranty or guarantee of the respective product.


Pricing of each product is mentioned near the product itself. It will include the offers and discounts as well as depending upon the product. All the prices of the product are in INR (Indian National Rupees). The prices shown on each product are exclusive of tax. Taxes on each product will not be same as a different product does have different percentage of taxes imposed on them.


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